CGOM12 Plenary Speakers

  • Patrick Unwin (Warwick, UK) – Why an Electrochemical View Might Enhance our Understanding of Crystal Dissolution and Growth Processes

  • Lian Yu (Wisconsin, USA) – Crystallization of Organic Glasses: A Central Role for Surface Mobility

  • Professor Fuyuki Ito (Shinshu University, Japan) – Direct Visualization of the Two-step Nucleation Model by Fluorescence Colour Changes during Evaporative Crystallization from Solution

  • Dario Braga (Bologna, Italy) – Molecular Salts, Ionic Co-Crystals, Molecular Co-crystals, Mixed Crystals – What Else?

  • Gerard Coquerel (Rouen, France) – Chirality and Supramolecular Chirality, Chiral Discrimination in the Solid-State and Break of Symmetry’

  • Alexander Bredikhin (Kazan, Russia) – A Crystallography Based Approach to the Chirality Driven Supramolecular Gelation Induced by Aryl Glycerol Ethers

  • Malla Reddy (Kolkata, India) – From Crystal Structure to Mechanical Properties to Powder Compaction: Can We Design?

  • Norimitsu Tohnai (Osaka, Japan) – Design of Porous Organic Salts (POS) with Versatile Function

BACG Keynotes

  • Patrick McArdle (NUI Galway) – Solvent Free Crystal Growth and Solid State Transformations monitored by X-ray powder diffraction

  • Linda Seaton (Liverpool John Moores University) – Theophylline: Linking solution behaviour, structures and properties

  • Nora Ventosa (Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona) – Surfactant-free CO2 based microemulsions: Promising nanostructured liquids to gain control over anti-solvent precipitations

  • Ahmad Sheikh (AbbViem USA) – Solid state chemistry- Process engineering way!